Victoria s.r.l.s

Victoria Investigazioni is an agency based in Venice Mestre that has many years of experience in the field of investigation, forensic analysis, room debugging and security service.

We combine great professionality and reliability and innovative technologies, suitable for various situations in order to offer our customers definite responses.
In order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, we design and study a precise guideline for each case starting from the advice and analysis of it, developing the best strategy to accomplish a result.
The management of Victoria srls is highly qualified to perform every required task.
Some of our collaborators have long experience in the State Police and in the Special Forces, others have more than ten years experience in the private investigative world. A combination that guarantees analytical skills and full control of every situation.
Those who turn to us will be able to meet a specialist detective (holder of a regular license) for a first consultation, to whom they can express their needs.

What we do:

The investigations are divided into two categories:
Public: when the investigation is done by State employees (for example: Police, Criminal Police, etc.)
Private: when the investigation is done by a private citizen who is, within the Law, authorized to carry out investigations on behalf of other people.
Private investigations are carried out to confirm or deny suspicions. They are carried out against a specific entity in order to collect evidence.

Room Debugging
Room Debugging is looking for bugs, recorders, wired or wifi cameras, remote-controlled switched off or inactive electronic devices.
It also includes a thorough inspection of the suspicious environment and the analysis of the power grid, to detect any interception systems supplied by the mains.
There are increasingly frequent news reports of findings of bugs in homes, companies, cars or in public places, with the aim of intercepting data and acquiring information about business strategies, working or emotional interpersonal relationships.
Victoria Investigazioni can help you defeating this, thanks to the proven experience gained in twenty years of operation throughout the national territory.

Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics is a branch of computer science that deals with the analysis of any electronic device fin order to extract information that can be used in a legal process.
Forensic computing is focused on everything that constitutes a Mass Storage: Hard Disk, flash drive, optical and magnetic media. Nowadays, computer forensics is one of the main means of investigation.
A team of investigators and Ethical Hackers will verify the proper management of data and/or information of your computer network. They will extract deleted, lost or hidden data on HDD, HDD Raid, Usb Pen drives, SD cards and CF cards and also from mobile devices and they will control your computer systems and your equipment, to check the security policy and the resistance of your system to internal and external cyber attacks by malicious people.

Security Service
Victoria srls offers security services in the following areas: guardian wi-fi systems, crypto phones, secure internet; alarm systems, video surveillance, railings and blast doors; ghost lock; concierge services, customer care and reception; private security service.
We also provide alarm systems management, concierge services, public Security management and private management: our Investigation Institute collaborates with Security firms in order to suggest tailor-made solutions about the use of Security guards.

Debt Collection
We carry out thorough investigations and checks with the aim of disclosing the official and unofficial estate of the debtor. In this way you are safe that the debtor has the economic and capital possibilities to pay the debt off. Investigations for debt collection are also required by law firms because they allow to increase success with targeted measures and to save time.

Security Manager
The Security Manager is the professional (an employee or external consultant) who aims to protect the assets by guaranteeing the organization the functioning of its production processes and therefore ensuring the maintenance of the potential to generate income. It iis a professional figure that operates in those organizations where heritage – know-how, industrial secrets, sensitive data, money and valuables, machinery – must be preserved carefully.


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SECURITY MANAGER Esperto nella Security Aziendale
UNI 10459 – KCB ITALIA – ISO/IEC 17024